The use of fibre optics in the network has matured over the years as have the solutions available and the installation methods.


When we installed out first fibre solutions we used mechanical termination methods which, although good in the day, have been surpassed by new quicker and more accurate solutions. Over the years we have continually invested in the fibre installation and termination side of the business.



We now exclusively terminate our fibre installations using the fusion spliced method using state of the art equipment to give the best quality of connection and as such maximum reliability and speed, indeed several of our public sector clients now insist on nothing else for these very reasons.


In 2014 we replaced out original splicer with another Sumitomo fusion splicer to help take this side of the business forward into the future.


We are able to offer standard light loss testing of both multi-mode and single mode fibre cables installed by us or others and supply test results accordingly.


If you have any questions regarding fibre optic installations or the services we offer please get in touch.